Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Happened to Good Customer Service?

Every so often I come across a potential customer who is skeptical on using a cleaning service to clean their home or office. It is generally a previous experience where communication between the cleaning staff and the homeowner broke. Whereby the cleaning suffers and the homeowner is almost always not happy with the outcome of their cleaning.

Sweeping Dimensions is a family business built off of quality and professionalism. Outside of proper employee training, the only way I see to accomplish great quality is to have a deep commitment to providing amazing customer service. Cleaning a home or office is not only about dusting, washing dishes, changing linens or vacuuming. Cleaning is also about understanding the needs of our customers’ home or office and tailoring their cleaning appropriately.

We go to great lengths to secure proper communication between our staff and our customers. We get to know our customers and their expectations. As an example, I enjoy providing in-home estimates (free of charge). It allows me the opportunity to personally introduce myself and our company. Once the cleaning is scheduled, we call or send an email confirming the cleaning. Here we ask if our customer has any questions or changes to the cleaning. And finally, we provide a follow-up call to see how we measured against our customers’ expectations. By the way, our teams have cell phones to call the office if there are ever any questions or concerns they cannot address on their own.

As consumers we should always expect exceptional customer service and quality cleaning. Never settling for less.

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  1. Excellent way of providing customers information about interesting topics and the company.