Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweeping Dimensions Commits to its Employees Personal Saftey

How many small companies invest in the personal safety of their employees?

Next week Sweeping Dimensions will be hosting a self-protection seminar. On what started as a team-building event for our employees has grown to include friends and family. This article is written mainly because of the overwhelming feedback I have received from everyone I have mentioned the seminar to. I have not once been questioned on “why” I am hosting the event. I have gotten lots of “when” and “where”. It is surprising to me how excited my staff are of this experience. It’s been a long time since I have heard a common conversation among them. A few are looking forward to “defending” themselves against a fellow employee. Hmmm…..that sounds like trouble!

Robert Bartkowski, owner of, is instructing our group next Tuesday. Mr. Bartkowksi, a student of martial arts for the last 17 years, will educate us on effective, efficient and easily applied self-protection skills in the (hopefully) unlikely event we become a target to an attacker. What appealed to me about his program is that we do not need to learn tons of ways of beating off an attacker, we only need a few good ones. It’s not about strength or size that matter, it’s about using basic techniques that cause the most pain. Which is kinda cool, since several of our staff are older and petite and for some ungodly reason believe that they couldn’t defend themselves.

I am thankful that I have employees who like what they do. Who take great strides to arrive to our offices before dawn and often times go home after the sun has set. I feel a responsibility to them. I also have a responsibility to my nieces and nephews who are growing up in a world that is different and scarier than the one I grew up in. Knowing that they too can utilize techniques that can keep them from harms way is priceless to me.

As with my staff, I too am looking forward to Tuesday’s seminar. I have ton’s of stress and aggression built up and the idea of Mr. Bartkowski in full gear (the assailant) waiting for us to practice what we’ve learned is extremely tempting. I guess I’ll have to buy a lot of ice for when he goes home.

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