Wednesday, April 11, 2012


If you have little ones around the house like we do, please take extra caution in where you store your cleaning equipment and products.  Also be diligent about reading what the product label has to say before using it.  Whenever possible, avoid using products that use the words corrosive, reactive or explosive, flammable, toxic, or poisonous.  It is a very real scenario that too many children are poisoned by common household cleaning agents.  A few tips to follow in keeping your kids safer are:

  • Never leave cleaning products unattended or easy to get to.
  • Don't leave buckets full of water unattended as tiny tots can easily drown if they somehow climb in.  Hay, you never know!
  • Always, always close caps and lids of any cleaning container.  
  • Dispose of any unused or empty cleaning containers.

I hope these simple easy to follow tips will keep you and your family safe from cleaning agent harm.  

1 comment:

  1. Great tips!
    If I could add one... from life experience: keep chemicals in their original container. A small child won't read "plant food" on a water bottle o_O