Thursday, August 23, 2012


Finally!!  Temperatures have dropped and we've been opening up our windows to enjoy the cool breeze only nature does so well.  Our air conditioners (and wallets) sure needed this break.  Unfortunately, with open windows and bountiful breezes come outside dust and allergens.  The worst of it collects on our window screens, blinds and window sills. So let's get going and clean out those windows!!  

Start by dusting the window blinds, frame, sill, and screen with a dry dust cloth.  You can smear dust all over the place if you apply a damp cloth to your window surfaces before dusting.  This makes a big mess and totally not fun or easy cleanup for that matter.  Then, you'll want to use a mild soap detergent (Dawn dish soap) and water mixture with a microfiber towel to clean the screens.  With a different microfiber towel and fresh water plus soap clean window ledges and frames.  With a squeegee and a natural window cleaner with essential oils go ahead and wipe down glass.  The toughest part might be the blinds.  They are for me.  Close the blinds and gently wipe down slants with fresh water/soap mixture.  Be sure not to put too much pressure as they may come tumbling down.  A microfiber towel is essential in that it won't scratch any of the surfaces and uses minimal water to do the job.  THAT'S IT!  You're done.  Now on to the next window.  

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