Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Does anyone remember the housekeeping books of the 1950's?  I wasn't around then. Not even close to a twinkle in my new born parent's eyes.  Boy, it seems like a long time ago even though it wasn't.  Anyways, back to the books.  I read an article that the housekeeping books of the 1950's commonly recommended a rigorous cleaning regimen for middle-class homes.  The regimen looked something like this:

Dust all woodwork and furniture, including window frames, screens, and blinds, every day; dust the floors with a dust mop daily; vacuum carpets daily; brush all exposed surface on upholstery every day, and do a complete brushing with an upholstery brush or vacuum, getting under pillows and in crevices, one or twice a month; vacuum wood floors once a week; dust walls and ceilings daily or weekly; and rub all furniture long and hard, with the grain, once a week.

YIKES!!  I can understand why there were lower rates of asthma and allergies back then.  There was no dust.  I wonder, is this where our grandparents get the "white glove test" from?  hmmm.  :/

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